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Wi-Fi? Your Customers cannot go without it!
Thousands of places already have Wi-Fi connection.

What about you?

Easy and fast to install
does not require any setting

FREESPOT is a company that publishes software to make a more free and secure access to the Internet. In public places such as from home, we have a range of products that meet the needs of the user. An improved user experience and access to the network from anywhere, it is the commitment of a fair web!

To put it into service is
simple and fast

To install it is highly simplified, it does not require any special computer skill neither configuration.


The hotspot is directly plugged in your ADSL modem (whoever your Internet service provider is)

Tech Support

All our hotspots are accessible by remote control, so we are able to carry out diagnosis or settings quickly.


Our Team is at your disposal from the activation of the hotspot, so we can validate its identification code.

For only 149 € single payment, Freespot comes to you by Colissimo! **

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Freespot, the router
which will let you know everything about your customers

Gain your customers' loyalty

Keep in touch with all your customers thanks to our marketing tool of client reminder. The users file makes you able to collect essential information and gain your customers' loyalty sending newsletters or promotional offers.

Analyze and target the users

Analyze your data traffic and identify your users' type of profile thanks to a platform of relevant statistics.Target your customers being informed about the rush hours, the number of users and their hobbies!

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Create a community
around your brand

Social network

The social plug in integrated 'CommuWi-Fi' makes you able to create a community around your brand, so your customers can communicate and share their experiences about your company.

Mobile application

Our Freespot mobile application makes you able to reach new customers, being introduced to millions of mobile Internet users. Thanks to this application, you will be able to propose a new event in an instant way via the 'push notifications.'

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The most competitive offer of the market

No subscription either monthly nor annual.
No subscription
One single price: 149 €
The preconfigured Freespot package includes:
Your hotspot will be sent to you by Colissimo/fast parcel service

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Not ADSL-eligible? Increase my flow

Our customers speak about us!

The Wi-Fi: essential !

« Whether in my professional activity or during my spare time, I am always searching a free Wi-Fi connection. With Freespot, I connected in a few clicks and I was able to take advantage immediately of the unlimited and safe browsing in some of my usual and favorite places »

Juliette, 32 ans, architect, Toulouse
Attract new Customers

« In my brasserie, the watchword is: everything for my customers. When these ones let me know that Wi-Fi was lacking, I contacted Freespot and I received my router in just a few days. Since this day, my customers enjoy the functionalities and it was a way for me to improve our Services. In return for this, I got new customers! »

Maxime, 44 ans, Brasserie owner, Paris
Increase one's business

« Our shopping mall is frequented by thousands of visitors and to offer them a Wi-Fi connection is a service of high added-value. Freespot was the answer to this request and its services give us information to adapt our commercial offers. In a few months, we have recorded an increase of 13 % of visitors! »

Pascal, 51 ans, Manager, Nice